Information on Wensley, Yorkshire

Wensley is small village, as its name suggests, in Wensleydale, around 2 miles south of Leyburn. Its situated  on the A684 road and on the River Ure.  In Anglo-Saxon times Wensley village was called Woden’s Ley from the pagan god and is thought to have been the site of a pagan shrine. Its church, Holy Trinity, dates to 1245 and is a Grade I listed building. It has Medieval wallpaintings, Flemish brasses and a 15th-century reliquary, which is claimed to have once held the relics of St Agatha. Wensley was the only market town in Wensleydale from 1202 into the 16th century, but the population of the village was decimated when plague struck in the 1560’s.The Wensleydale Railway passes near the village, and there used to be a station, which is situated between Wensley and Preston-under-Scar.

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