Information on Blubberhouses, Yorkshire

Blubberhouses is  a small village situated on the A59 road in Nidderdale, at the head of Fewston Reservoir and on the banks of the River Washburn, to the South of the Dales. The origins of the unusual name are uncertain with a number of theories. One is that the name came from an ancient tavern –The Blue Boar Inn which existed in the village. Another is that it was named sue to the profusion of Blueberries in the area. Less likely is that it gained the name in the 18th century, as the site of a workhouse which housed orphans from Leeds and Bradford. Worked to death, these poor wretches filled the valley with their cries, and the village was named after their ‘blubbering’. Blubberhouses has a church, St Andrews, and a cricket team who play at a very picturesque ground on the banks of the River Washburn, which is popular with canoiests and other water sports enthusiasts


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